History will look back on our generation with wonder, as we are the first society to choose commerce over health. Knowingly, industries continue to make the decision to recklessly create products that are doing extensive damage to us and our planet. You, as the consumer however have the power to make a change. By choosing natural and organic you are creating demand for products that are safe for yourself, your family and the environment thus reducing the harmful effects of chemicals.

We are passionate about natural and organic as the way forward and these are our top reasons why.



For a Toxic Free Home.

Petrochemicals, talcum, synthetic fragrances, sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate, PEGS, harmful preservatives etc. The list is long of threatening toxins that can be found in generic products. These ingredients cause serious harm to us and our environment.

For Health and Wellness

The average woman’s beauty routine can leave her exposed to up to 100 different chemicals a day. These chemicals are causing extreme damage to our endocrine systems and may cause reproductive and hormonal issues. These chemicals have also been linked to certain cancers due to carcinogenic ingredients.

For the Environment

Not only are harmful chemicals found in commercial products affecting our health but are also causing damage to the environment. In addition to chemical free products, companies that produce certified organic and natural products will generally use biodegradable packaging and manufacture their products in ways that have the least impact on the planet.

For the Animals

Most organic products that are produced in Australia will be strictly cruelty free. To be sure always read the labels or contact the organisation for confirmation.

For the Quality

It is a common misconception that by switching to natural and organic products quality will be sacrificed. This is not true. Organic products can be more effective than conventional products as our bodies know how to metabolise and make use of the ingredients, as they are straight from Mother Nature. Synthetic ingredients may not only confuse the body but may cause unwanted side effects.

Still not convinced? Why not give it a try and see for yourself.

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