Good Morning, I recently purchased your shampoo & conditioner for oily hair and have been amazed at how well it works to keep it less oily for longer and feels so cleansed. I've suffered from oily hair for as long as I can remember so thank you for producing such a great product. I used to live in Sunbury so its crazy to think that my cure was being produced only 15 minutes up the road. - Ainslee


Hi dear folks at Biologika, Just wanted to express huge thanks, not only for the wonderful products I ordered, which have arrived safely, but for the unexpected gift of Hand and Body Wash, and sample sachets. Unexpected and very much appreciated. Thank you SO much - Betty


My name is Josh and I am 12 years old from Perth, Western Australia.

I use your deodorant and love it. It doesn't wear off on you, and it comes in many different scents. However, I would like to suggest a new one. I thought that Humble Apple Crumble would be cool. I would use it if it was created. I believe that lots of people would go for it knowing that it is organic and smells like apple crumble, and who doesn't want to smell like apple crumble! Anyway, if it is created, I would like to thank you so very much - Josh


I was just contacting your company to let you guys know that you are doing a great job. It shows your company has nice compliments. Keep up the good work and thank you - Jason Brandon


Hello Organic Formulations,I want to let you know how wonderful I think your products are.I bought the Baby body cleanser from my local health shop (which has now closed) and I have been showering with it myself as I have very sensitive skin. My feet which have always had cracked and hard skin on the bottom are now as soft as a babys bottom!I have been using the cleanser for about 6 weeks, and I am going to start washing my face with it because I am sure it will show a marked improvement on the skin on my face. Another product of yours' that I have is the baby nappy lotion. I have a rabbit and she is overweight so she can't bend to clean her bottom, she got in such a mess that I was having to bath her every 2 days to try and keep her clean. She got very sore and I really can't afford vets bills as I have 12 rabbits and its expensive enough to feed them so I only visit the vet when I know I can't eradicate the problem myself. Rabbits fur is very thick and winter in the UK is very cold, so I was having to use the hairdryer which was stressing her out.Well, I sat and thought about it and decided I would begin to rub your cream onto her after her wash and guess what, she is now normal and fluffy soft again.I still squirt the cream on every 3 days to keep her well.So thank you for your amazing products and please could you let me know where I can get the products at the best price in the UK,Thank you again, may your company go from strength to strength - Yvonne Walsh


I want to give a five star testimonial for your Australian Organic Biologika deodorant. I live in the US and was with a friend from Australia who brought a bottle of the "Live it Up" deodorant with her. I was very grateful, because it was a time when I needed to go out in public and smell good, yet none of the natural approaches I had were working (vinegar, crystal or the natural deodorant I had from a local health food store). But when I put on your product, it worked! My friend tells me that for some people it really works, for others it doesn't. I'm not sure what secret ingredient you have that is missing in all the brands I've tried in the US, but I'm just very grateful that she left the bottle with me, and now, through your website, I see you have a Canadian distributor. Any hope you might start distributing through Whole Foods Markets in the US? Thanks again! - Susan from California


Hi there, I have just been cleaning my floor with your rose geranium floor cleaner and had to tell you how gorgeous it smells. Eco credentials aside, I will be buying it again for that fragrance alone! Thanks - Jolene


Looove the Organic Toothpaste in mint. Better than anything I'd every bought from a big name brand in the supermarkets. Vegan and not tested on animals. What more could you ask for?! Keep up the amazing work! - Marlee


Love love love your shampoo and conditioner. Smells fresh and leaves my hair soft and really shinny. Wonderful product. - Monique


So happy with everything I've tried so far and the ingredients of all your products are amazing... I'm your new loyal customer!!! - Ana-Lina


Organic Formulations produce THE best and THE purest products that I've found! I love that I can purchase organic, natural, locally made products for myself and my family that are also certified by Choose Cruelty Free! Thank you for providing us with such wonderful, high quality products. - Alissa


I adore your products and the beautiful caring people within your organization. Thank you for caring about the environment, animals, my family and the community. - Lisa


I love your products! vanilla vegie cream is my favourite - Michael


New to using these products and I love them! No skin reactions - Nyree


Emma Organics is my absolute favourite brand for natural acne treatments. I used to use proactive and after becoming more conscious of the environment I stopped and my skin became worse than before. Emma Organics was the first natural product I found that actually helped reduce new breakouts and control my blemish issues. - Madison


The best way to relax is with a hot bath infused in your favorite oils! I love your Riddles creek Massage and bath oils they are the best thing iv purchased for a long time. The aroma is Devine and it leave my skin so soft. - Rebecca


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