Organic Formulations was one of the first companies to bring Natural and Organic alternatives to the Australian market. Established in 1999, Organic formulations vision has always been natural and organic as the way forward, we therefor work hand to make quality products that are affordable for all Australian families.

Yes, Organic Formulations has always been 100% Australian owned and manufactured. Based at the bottom of the iconic Macedon ranges in victoria, Organic Formulations make sure that we prioritise employing local community members and boosting local economy.

There are many reasons to make the switch, read more here on our Why natural and Organic Page.

NEVER. Organic Formulations is a proud member of Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) – an independent Australian organisation that accredits skin, body and toiletry products and is strictly against animal testing. All testing is conducted happy on our staff.

Every product across our eight brands is 100% vegan with the exception of our Emma Organics Lip Rescue.

It is a common misconception that by switching to natural and organic products quality will be sacrificed. This is not true. Organic products can be more effective than conventional products as our bodies know how to metabolise and make use of the ingredients, as they are straight from Mother Nature. Synthetic ingredients may not only confuse the body but may cause unwanted side effects.

Not all of Organic Formulations products are gluten free. You check the product by the label as all ingredients are fully listed. If any contain wheatgerm they are gluten.

Unfortunately we do not have samples for our products.

To test to see if a product is suitable for you and does not cause any reaction, it is suggested to spot test on a sensitive area first.

The only product that uses palm oil derivatives is the Biologika soap bars and that is ACO certified organic from South America!
We do not accept any derivatives from Palm Oil unless the palm oil is derived from certified organic sustainable farms. It is our company policy!
For more information on this please do not hesitate to contact our office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For all shipping and returns enquires, please see our shipping and returns page.

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There is a 3 year shelf life from date of manufacturing on all our natural products and a 2 year shelf life on all certified organic products (ACO).

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No not all products are Certified Organic. Only our Emma Organics, Riddells Creek Oral Care and Biologika Deodorants are.

All products that are certified organic will display the ACO (Australian Certified Organic) logo on the product label.

A common ingredient used in conventional shampoos is silicon; this is added to give the illusion of healthy and silky hair when in reality the silicon only coats the hair. Silicon builds up over time and is very dangerous as it can lead to hair loss as well as dry and itchy scalp. When you first begin to use products that do not contain silicon it can take quite a while to reverse the damage (anywhere for 4-6 weeks). Most people report issues such as dry, dull and hard to brush hair however once your hair returns to its natural, silicon free state it should be healthy and shiny once again. Think of it as a hair detox!

Our products are safe to use on Children and Babies from six month of age.
We have a Baby Organics range that is safe to use from first born.

Yes, all Riddles Creek Organic toothpastes are sugar free.

Organic Formulations has developed fragrance free alternatives in both our Emma Organics and Biologika ranges. Within these ranges, products include;

- Shampoo and Conditioner
- Hand & Body Wash
- Deodorant
- Day & Night Moisturiser
- Cleansing Milk and Exfoliate
- Face wash and Tone
- Hand & Body Lush Moisturiser

We can not advise on our deodorants during pregnancy as they are high in essential oils. You are welcome to contact our office if you have further queries.

We cannot guarantee a products safety and effectiveness once it’s past its best before date.
We can only suggest that you do a spot test and if you do not find any offensive odors and there is no irritation then it may be safe to use.

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