Five ways stress can Affect your Skin & How to Reduce it

We all know stress can be a bummer. Feeling frantic, overwhelmed and out of control, it’s no fun. For anyone. 
While stress has been reported to have adverse effects on our health, it is import to realise that it is not just your heart, brain and gut that suffer the consequences. 

Your skin, being your bodies largest organ, likely also incurs the repercussions of increased stresses levels. However, before you begin stressing, about stressing, there are many ways in which this can be avoided.  

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FABRIC SOFTENERS – Cuddly at any cost?

 Sunny alpine meadows, cuddly teddy bears and pristine streams. These compelling images are all used to promote commercial fabric softeners that promise to leave our clothes, bedding and towels feeling as soft as a cloud. 

Fabric softeners were initially invented in the 1900's. However, it was in the 60’s when synthetic fibres were popular, that single-use dryer sheets were introduced to battle static cling and fabric softener usage became common in many households.

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