Green Gift Ideas to Love This Christmas

We all want to find the perfect gift for loved ones. But what if we turned to things that are personal and thoughtful, rather than those that are shiny and expensive? At Organic Formulations, we prefer to receive gifts that show our loved ones truly know us. And for us, that means gifts that are eco-friendly! Here are some of our favourite ideas:

Locally made by artisans

Gifts that are locally made don’t need to be transported around the world, and this means they don’t contribute to greenhouse emissions. When items are hand-made, they also tend to come with an interesting story.

Experiences over things

A gift of music lessons, a show ticket or a massage gift voucher is not something that will be put in a drawer and forgotten about. Best of all, it creates a memory which the receiver is likely to remember for years to come.

Homemade treats

They say the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but we don’t believe that’s only true for men! Making a loved one their favourite food, especially if it reminds them of a beautiful memory, will mean much more to them than an ordinary gift. Pies, cakes and jams all make lovely (and tasty!) presents.


Buying useful products doesn’t have to be boring. A small selection of organic soaps and body products is a lovely gift that will never go to waste. If you know what a loved one’s favourite scent is, you can tailor the gift to their personal taste. Present the items in a beautiful basket that they can use in their home or even re-use to hold another gift.

The gift of giving

What if you didn’t give them anything material at all, but they knew the money you would have spent on them had gone to someone in much greater need? Like the Australian Koala Foundation’s Adopt A Koala program, where funds go to saving koalas in the wild.

World Vision also has an array of gift ideas that help to provide better conditions for those in need. Like a dairy goat, which can provide milk for sustenance, but also income. These are excellent ideas because they are gifts that keep on giving.

Instead of letting materialism take over this Christmas, let’s give green!

For more organic gift ideas, visit (oh and p.s - when you shop Organic Formulations in December, use code GREENGIFT for 10% off!)

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