Energise Your Day with a New Morning Routine

Does a great day really start with a good morning routine? Yes – in fact, it can set the tone for your entire day. A solid morning routine helps to eliminate mental fatigue by preserving the energy needed for making decisions, so it is available to you when you need it, like when you’re at work. It can also make you feel in control of your own day. You will feel powerful and calm because you know what to expect.

What should a morning routine include?

A truly effective morning routine will take care of the necessities, help you feel like you have accomplished something and should give you some enjoyment or ‘me-time’ as well. A cold shower is also a great idea (except perhaps in winter!) because it increases alertness and helps you feel more energetic as you start your day.

How can you change your morning routine?

It can be hard to implement an entirely new morning routine all at once because it doesn’t come naturally to us. Gradually changing habits is a better practice for long-term success. One way to achieve this is through habit-stacking which allows you to build habits onto existing ones. To understand more about it, have a look at this great article.

Can eliminating chemicals improve your morning routine?

In addition to developing new habits, re-assessing the products you use as part of your morning routine can give it a healthy overhaul. We often don’t realise just how many synthetic chemicals are present in the personal care products we use and these add up to a significant effect on ourselves and our environment. For example, using silicone-free hair products promotes better hair health, which we talk about here. Hormonal disruptions, nausea and skin irritations are just a few side effects of the chemicals commonly found in supermarket toothpastes. Learn more here and consider a switch to an organic toothpaste.

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Try these tips for more ways to eliminate chemicals from your life.

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