How to Maintain Healthy Skin this Summer

Summer is finally here, and chances are you've been counting the days until you can enjoy some well-deserved time in the sun. Whether you are spending time with the family, vacationing by the beach or enjoying other outdoor activities, although the sun may feel fantastic it is possible it may have adverse implications on your skin.

Unfortunately, if you neglect a prevention routine and aftercare, the sun is one of our skins greatest enemies. So before you dive out into those rays, try implementing the healthy summer skin tips that we have shared below.

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Natural Dog Grooming Routine

As we move towards natural organic products as the preferred alternative for ourselves, our families and our homes, it is important to remember the smaller (furrier) family members also, our Dogs!

Just like us, our dogs deserve a grooming routine that will keep them looking fresh and feeling fantastic. And, just like ours, conventional dog cleaning products are often filled with nasty toxic chemicals that can be harmful to their health.

So what exactly is a natural dog grooming routine? These five steps are an essential way to keep your pup clean and smelling fresh. And when it comes to dogs, cleanliness means healthiness!

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