10 Beneficial Ways to use Rosehip Oil

In our opinion, Rosehip oil still stands as the product of all products.

This remarkable multi-purpose oil is tolerated well on all skin types and is also extremely beneficial for our hair and our nails. It is no wonder it is one of the most highly recommended products in the natural skincare industry! 

Below is a list of our ten Favourite (yes there are many more) uses for Rose Hip Oil.

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Why you should avoid Silicone (and what to use instead)

If you have ever wondered why your hair is left feeling extra shiny after washing it some shampoos and conditioners, well, it's most likely silicone. And yes, it is the same silicone used is manufacturing cookware and toys. It is just like plastic - hence the shine.

Silicone is used as a sealant against water, meaning it is non-water soluble - meaning it will take a lot more than a rinse to remove the ingredient from your hair. 

Silicone is completely unnatural and is added to hair care to give the illusion of strength and shine. The downside, the shine achieved through this ingredient is not a healthy shine from properly hydrated hair; it is a shine from toxic plastic. Additionally, silicone prevents moisture from penetrating the hair, as well as adds weight that will cause your hair to be limp and lifeless.

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