Natural Dog Grooming Routine

As we move towards natural organic products as the preferred alternative for ourselves, our families and our homes, it is important to remember the smaller (furrier) family members also, our Dogs!

Just like us, our dogs deserve a grooming routine that will keep them looking fresh and feeling fantastic. And, just like ours, conventional dog cleaning products are often filled with nasty toxic chemicals that can be harmful to their health.

So what exactly is a natural dog grooming routine? These five steps are an essential way to keep your pup clean and smelling fresh. And when it comes to dogs, cleanliness means healthiness!

Step 1: Brush your Dogs Coat Regularly.
Brushing your dog's coat is the ideal way to begin your grooming routine. By brushing your dog's coat, you are helping to remove dead hair, tangles and accumulated dirt. Brushing your dog's coat will also minimise shedding which will not only make you dog feel happy and fresh but your clothes and furniture hair free also.

Step 2: Natural Dog Shampoo
After brushing, it is time to give your pup a good shampoo. It is critical not to use your shampoo on your dog as it could potentially irritate their skin. Choose a Natural Pet Shampoo and simply start by wetting your dog's coat, lathering with shampoo and rinsing well after.

Step 3: Natural Dog Conditioner
Yes, dogs can also use conditioner! Using a Natural Pet Conditioner is an excellent way to keep your dog's coat tangle-free, looking glossy and smelling fresh.

Step 4: Perfume Spray
It might sound odd to be using perfume on your pup however this Natural Pet perfume is designed for all pets to keep them smelling clean between washes. The essential oils are gentle and relaxing and are safe for use directly on pets or around their bedding and litters.

Step 5: Brush your Dog's Teeth
Regularly brushing your dog's teeth will not only keep their breath smelling great but also promote healthy teeth and gums. A great natural toothpaste for dogs can be made by simply adding some baking soda to water. Additionally adding raw (never cooked) bones to your dog's diet will keep their teeth healthy and clean. If your dog has a lot of plaque build up, consider having their teeth professionally cleaned.

Additional Step: Wash your dogs Kennel
You wouldn't want all your grooming effort to go to waste by your dog sleeping in a dirty kennel! Using this Natural Rug & Kennel wash will ensure that your dogs home is clean without the use of harmful chemicals.

While it is essential to have a dog grooming routine, it is important you do not wash them too regularly as it is possible this can dry out their skin. Brushing your dog's coats and using the perfume spray in between washes is an excellent way to keep them fresh. The general guideline is to bath them every four weeks depending on their size and their activities. Unless of course, they end up wet or muddy, then an extra bath is imperative!

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