Does Your Home Have Poor Air Quality in the Cold?

It’s easy for pollutants to accumulate in the home. This is particularly true in the colder months when windows tend to remain closed and heaters are on to keep us warm and cosy. So, we need to be wary of this and have a little more care for the state of our air.

What causes poor indoor air quality?

Air pollutants can be inhaled or absorbed by the skin. Let’s take a look at some common air pollutants:

·       Dust and dust mites

·       Mould spores from damp

·       Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in synthetic fragrances, such as in household cleaners

·       Combustion and smoke particles from gas appliances and domestic wood heaters

Poor indoor air quality can cause:

·       Lethargy

·       Headaches

·       Difficulty concentrating

·       Irritation to asthma

·       Irritation to allergies

How can you improve indoor air quality?

As air pollutants come from many different sources, there are also a variety of ways to combat them. If the air in your home seems stale from a lack of circulation, try these tips to improve air quality:

·       Place indoor plants in your home. Indoor plants are known for their air purifying qualities, as well as their calming effect on the mind.

·       Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter.

·       Wash bedding regularly and thoroughly.

·       Ensure exhaust fans are left on for half an hour after baths and showers.

·       Hang towels up properly and wipe up excess moisture so that damp doesn’t accumulate.

·       Use organic cleaners rather than those containing synthetic fragrances.

·       Ensure gas appliances are serviced regularly.

·       Use only properly dried and seasoned wood in solid wood heaters

·       Don’t leave your solid wood heater on a low setting overnight or when you go out, as this produces excess smoke. Put it out completely.

How can natural air fresheners help?

You can also try our range of natural air fresheners designed for each room. Ecologic’s Kitchen Air Freshener is ideal for eliminating food odours and uses sweet orange and tangerine essential oils to invigorate the senses.

We recommend Ecologic’s Love Life Room Air Freshener for general use to evoke a sense of relaxation along with freshening the air around you. It also invites feelings of wellbeing which we sometimes need a hand with in the cooler and darker climate of winter.

The bathroom, with its ongoing battle with damp, is often a room that needs special attention. That’s what the Lemon Tea Tree Toilet Air Freshener is for with essential oils for both neutralising odours and the benefits of antiseptic properties. Your bathroom will be more inviting in no time!

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