5 Natural Ways to Protect Your Family from Insects

So, we’re on the countdown to summer, and we all know what that means: the bugs come out! Let’s be honest. Bugs are a nuisance that we learn to live with in Australia. But, you don’t have to put up with them in your home. And you certainly don’t have to rely on strong chemicals to keep them away. Here are some natural ways to keep your home insect-free:


Open Your Eyes to the Benefits of Lemon Myrtle

Lemon myrtle is an essential oil you hear of far less often than say Lavender or Rose Hip Oil, but it’s no less amazing. With a strong citrus scent that makes you feel like you’re among native trees in an Australian rainforest, lemon myrtle has applications that range from cooking to cleaning and skincare.


3 Ways to Make Your Home a More Organic Space (That You Might Never Have Thought Of!)

There are many reasons to make your home a space that is more organic and connected to nature. It’s good for your health, your mental wellbeing and the environment. So, let’s look at a few ways you can make some significant changes in your household.


Energise Your Day with a New Morning Routine

Does a great day really start with a good morning routine? Yes – in fact, it can set the tone for your entire day. A solid morning routine helps to eliminate mental fatigue by preserving the energy needed for making decisions, so it is available to you when you need it, like when you’re at work. It can also make you feel in control of your own day. You will feel powerful and calm because you know what to expect.

What should a morning routine include?


Does Your Home Have Poor Air Quality in the Cold?

It’s easy for pollutants to accumulate in the home. This is particularly true in the colder months when windows tend to remain closed and heaters are on to keep us warm and cosy. So, we need to be wary of this and have a little more care for the state of our air.


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