FABRIC SOFTENERS – Cuddly at any cost?

 Sunny alpine meadows, cuddly teddy bears and pristine streams. These compelling images are all used to promote commercial fabric softeners that promise to leave our clothes, bedding and towels feeling as soft as a cloud. 

Fabric softeners were initially invented in the 1900's. However, it was in the 60’s when synthetic fibres were popular, that single-use dryer sheets were introduced to battle static cling and fabric softener usage became common in many households.


Why Spirulina, Natures Multivitamin, Should Be Your Skins Secret Weapon

Spirulina is a dark coloured, naturally occurring blue-green algae that grows in both fresh and salt water. You may have heard this wonder ingredient being referred to as one of the more recently popular superfoods. Spirulina boasts enormous benefits when it comes to health due to its high-quality protein and large concentrations of minerals and vitamins. For its weight, spirulina is one of the most nutrient dense ingredients containing the b complex vitamins, minerals such as calcium, iron and important amino acids.


What is Biodegradable? And is it really good for the Environment.

So biodegradable, sounds..... planet friendly, right?
Well, in most cases materials that are biodegradable are environmentally safe and sustainable for the planet however in some cases.


What's the Deal with Deet? And is it Safe for your Family?

Spring. How wonderful it is when the sun finally comes out, flowers are blooming, and there is a fresh smell in the air. What's not so wonderful, it's also the time of year our little insect friends come out to play. 
With the increased risk of mosquito-borne viruses, Australian families are taking extra precautions by reaching for the repellent whenever necessary.
But could these repellants be doing more harm than good?


Four Mother Nature Approved Tips For Healthy, Glowing Skin.

At Organic Formulations, we are not just passionate about creating products. We are industry advocates whose primary focus is on the environment, human and animal health and marketing natural and organic as the way forward. This is why we are all about discovering various ways for keeping healthy using only natural remedies.


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