Natural Dog Grooming Routine

As we move towards natural organic products as the preferred alternative for ourselves, our families and our homes, it is important to remember the smaller (furrier) family members also, our Dogs!

Just like us, our dogs deserve a grooming routine that will keep them looking fresh and feeling fantastic. And, just like ours, conventional dog cleaning products are often filled with nasty toxic chemicals that can be harmful to their health.

So what exactly is a natural dog grooming routine? These five steps are an essential way to keep your pup clean and smelling fresh. And when it comes to dogs, cleanliness means healthiness!


30 Easy Ways to Reduce Toxins From Your life Right Now

With the new year fast approaching, many of us are making an effort to put plans into place for a happy, healthy 2017. While we don't necessarily believe in news years resolutions here, we do believe in making changes to reduce toxicity in our lives. And, we believe in starting right now.

When we think of toxins, it is easy to jump to the chemicals that we find in our foods and our skin, hair and home cleaning products. However, toxins can also manifest in other ways, including in our body and our minds.

Below are 30 easy ways that you can reduce toxins in from your life right now.


Natural Preservatives. Which ones we use and why.

In our desperate efforts to live a more holistic, natural, whole foods kind of life, the idea of preservatives has become questionable and more often than not they are something that most of us are trying to avoid at all costs.


7 Health Benefits of Taking Cold Showers

Let's all agree here that there is not much more rewarding than stepping into a hot, steamy shower at the end of a long day. The feeling of pure hydration as it trickles down, cleaning your whole body, darkening your hair and cleansing the dirt of your day away. The smell, feel and taste of heat as it sends your mind into a blissful feeling of a being in a tropical paradise.

Now, picture the moment someone flushes the toilet and you are instantly transported to the deepest oceans of Antarctica. Yikes!

Before you jump out of your skin at the feeling of this bone-chilling water and curse the day the toilet flusher was born, you might find it interesting to know that cold showers, in fact, have amazing advantaged for our health.


Five ways stress can Affect your Skin & How to Reduce it

We all know stress can be a bummer. Feeling frantic, overwhelmed and out of control, it’s no fun. For anyone. 
While stress has been reported to have adverse effects on our health, it is import to realise that it is not just your heart, brain and gut that suffer the consequences. 

Your skin, being your bodies largest organ, likely also incurs the repercussions of increased stresses levels. However, before you begin stressing, about stressing, there are many ways in which this can be avoided.  


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