Green Gift Ideas to Love This Christmas

We all want to find the perfect gift for loved ones. But what if we turned to things that are personal and thoughtful, rather than those that are shiny and expensive? At Organic Formulations, we prefer to receive gifts that show our loved ones truly know us. And for us, that means gifts that are eco-friendly! Here are some of our favourite ideas:


Aloe Vera: Nature’s Healing Gift

I think we’ve all turned to aloe vera when we’ve spent too much time in the sun. But, this cactus plant has been used for centuries to treat more than just sunburn. At Organic Formulations, we love including aloe vera in our products, and we believe every family can benefit from having 100% aloe vera in their home. Let’s take a look at the many reasons why:


How to Choose the Right Soap for Your Family

Scarily, many soaps on our supermarket shelves are synthetic detergent products, rather than true soaps. True soaps are healthy and safe for our skin. While synthetic soaps simulate the properties of real soap, they certainly aren’t as good for us. It can be confusing to know what you’re getting, so we’ve broken it down to help you choose the right soap for you and your family:


The Secret to Healthy Summer Hair

Yes, it’s spring, but in some parts of our sunburnt land, it feels like summer has already hit. We’ve talked before about the effects that warm conditions have on our skin, but today we’re going to help you take care of your hair through the havoc of summer.


Why Australian Natives are Essential Skincare Ingredients

Australian native extracts have become essential ingredients in organic skincare and for good reason. They pack a powerful, yet utterly natural punch. You may have skimmed past them on ingredient labels without paying them much mind. But, they are well worth a closer look.


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