30 Easy Ways to Reduce Toxins From Your life Right Now

With the new year fast approaching, many of us are making an effort to put plans into place for a happy, healthy 2017. While we don't necessarily believe in news years resolutions here, we do believe in making changes to reduce toxicity in our lives. And, we believe in starting right now.

When we think of toxins, it is easy to jump to the chemicals that we find in our foods and our skin, hair and home cleaning products. However, toxins can also manifest in other ways, including in our body and our minds.

Below are 30 easy ways that you can reduce toxins in from your life right now.

Move to natural and organic skin and hair care
The average woman puts over 500 synthetic chemicals on her skin a day! Make the transition to only using natural and organic products.

Eat whole foods, organic where possible.
Conventional convenience foods are filled with unnecessary toxic preservatives. Create a habit of cooking from scratch using fresh whole food ingredients. 

Drink water regularly
Water is the most efficient way to flush unwanted waste from the body. Ensure you are drinking a few litres each and every day. 

Reduce meat and dairy for your diet
Test have shown that conventional meat and dairy are filled with hormones and antibiotics that can be toxic to our bodies.

Switch to natural or organic cleaning products
Although it is not going directly on your skin, chemicals in cleaning products can become airborne and still be absorbed into our bodies. Switch to a toxic free cleaning routine. 

Avoid plastics and canned foods
Plastic and mental cans are manufactured with toxic ingredients, and when is stored in them these toxins can contaminate it. Opt for glass or paper instead.

Stop negative self-talk
Talking negatively to yourself builds upon toxic thoughts in our minds that prevent us from thriving in life. Replace negative talk with positive affirmations and mantras.

Do a digital detox
We consume too much junk information as it is without our obsession with social media. Take a small break from your device to allow your mind rest.

Practice mindfulness
Slowing down and being mindful is an excellent way to reduce mental toxicity caused but fast-paced life stress.

Take a deep breath of fresh air
Fresh oxygen helps to remove toxins from our lungs and keep our blood pumping around the body.

Drink Lemon water
Lemon water is a great way to increase PH balance, making our bodies less acidic and toxic and more alkaline.

Do a colon cleanse and ensure your are regularly popping
Most of the waste in our body is eliminated through our colon. Ensure your colon is not clogged and building up toxins by pooping regularly.

Exercise to reduce excess stored fat
Exercising does two things, makes us sweat and makes us breathe, both of which are excellent for reducing toxins in the body.

Oil Pulling
Oil pulling is a simple but effective way to remove toxins from your body and specifically your mouth. Just take a little coconut oil and swish it around in your mouth for 5 minutes.

Avoid consuming high sugar processed foods
Excess sugar is one of the primary causes for an acidic environment in the body. Replace high sugar snacks with fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds and replace sugary drinks with lemon water. 

Distance yourself from toxic people
We become who we surround ourselves with. Ensure all the people in your life have your best interest at heart and are providing you with love and positive energy.

Consume as many green vegetables as possible
Green vegetables are another effective way to increase alkaline in your body each as many as you possibly can each meal. 

Get a massage
Yes, releasing toxins can be fun! Massages can release toxins from your body tissues and muscles, through your blood and the lymphatic system.

Use a natural, fluoride free toothpaste
Just like food, putting toxic chemicals straight into our mouths in ludicrous. Conventional toothpaste contains a host of toxic chemicals. Protect your family by switching to a natural or organic alternative.

Eliminate stress where possible
Stress has an adverse effect on your health and can induce the build up on toxins in your body and your mind. Take some time out for yourself each day and practice stress relief strategies for when you begin feeling overwhelmed.

Get a small amount of sun exposure each day
The sun provides our bodies with vitamin D. It is important to have optimal vitamin D levels to keep our body strong and healthy allowing us to exercise regularly.

Dry brush your body before a shower
Dry brushing is another great way to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Vacuum and dust your heath regularly
Build up of dust can be extremely toxic for your family. A small amount of cleaning every day makes it easier to ensure that the environment in your home remains free of pollutants and allergens.

Use a natural insect repellant
Deet is an extremely toxic and is the primary ingredient found in conventional insect repellents. To find out more information read this blog.

Cut out or limit Alcohol consumption
Alcohol is a foreign substance which your body work over time to eliminate. While this is happening, other functions will not be working at their best ability which may allow other toxic build ups.

Take a yoga class
Yoga is an excellent way to stimulate blood flow while also giving your mind a rest.

Use Aluminium Free Deodorant
The use of synthetic deodorant can clog your pores and allow toxins to build up in your system. Additionally aluminium is a neurotoxin with links to Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer. Switch to a natural or organic deodorant. 

Only buy organic flowers
Herbicides and pesticides from non-organic flowers can become airborne in your home. These can be absorbed through the breath and are detrimental to your families health. Always buy organic flowers or even better, grow your own!

Laugh every day
Laughing is the most efficient way to change your mood instantly. Make laughing a habit to avoid feeling down and hosting toxic thought patterns.

Let go of guilt, forgive yourself for the past
Feeling guilty and dwelling on the past create a toxic and stressful environment in our minds. Direct your focus toward the present moment and enjoy every second of it!

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